Irfan Ahmad is the Chief Technology Officer of CloudPhysics which he cofounded in 2011.

Prior to CloudPhysics, Irfan was at VMware for almost a decade, where he was R&D tech lead for the distributed resource management (DRS) team and inventor for flagship products, including Storage DRS and Storage I/O Control. Before VMware, Irfan worked on a software microprocessor at Transmeta.

Irfan has worked extensively on interdisciplinary endeavors in memory, storage, CPU, network and distributed resource management, and developed a special interest in research at the intersection of systems. Irfan also spent several years in performance analysis and optimization, both in systems software and OS kernels.

Irfan’s peer-reviewed research has been featured at ACM SOCC (best paper), USENIX ATC, USENIX FAST, and IEEE IISWC. Irfan is the co-chair of HotCloud '14 and serves on the USENIX steering committee for HotStorage. Irfan was honored to have chaired HotStorage and VMware’s R&D Innovation Conference (RADIO). Irfan is an inventor on seven issued patents and another 20 pending across memory management, page replacement, quality of service management, I/O scheduling and caching. Irfan earned his pink tie from the University of Waterloo.

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